Terra Bella Salon

Terra bella salon

About the Salon


At Terra Bella, we aim to help our clients feel like a more confident and beautiful version of themselves. We strive to highlight our clients' natural beauty by cutting their hair to compliment their face shape, enhancing their haircolor, adding a little more "glow" to their complexion, and offering many other services that make our clients leave feeling like the beauties they are.

For more information on who we are, how to make an appointment, etc., please read our "Welcome" blog entry. 


Our History

"If you're going nowhere but the clothesline, put your makeup on."

/  Lavoe thacker  /


Inspired by her grandmother, LaVoe Thacker, Blair Thacker Wilson had the dream to open a hair salon in her honor. You will find our entry wall filled with images of her, dressed to the nines, hair and makeup perfectly applied. She was a woman of class and glamour. She was trendy and chic.  She encouraged women to feel confident in not only their outer appearance but their inner beauty as well. She believed that if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you can accomplish anything. Every day we strive to emulate these qualities. LaVoe is our muse at Terra Bella and above all, we aim to embody her kindness, which is the truest form of beauty.